Q-dance reveals IQON 2013 line-up


With Defqon.1 now firmly established as one of the most eagerly-anticipated dates on the Australian calendar, Q-dance has plotted another outdoor festival debut: IQON. Touching down at the Sydney International Dragway on Saturday 20 April 2013, IQON is set to be “a whole new experience” – and the line-up has now been announced. IQON will be a single-stage festival with the cutting-edge production that Defqon.1 is renowned for.

For the festival’s debut, Q-dance has assembled 12 of the world’s leading hard dance acts. At the top of the list are Dutch heavyweights Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers, alongside the likes of Zatox, Brennan Heart, Frontliner, The Prophet and Coone. Homegrown production stars Toneshifterz and Code Black will also be there in full effect. Expect the same level of spectacle at IQON that we’ve come to expect from Defqon.1, with Sydney International Dragway transformed as only Q-dance can. You can check out the slick official trailer for IQON after the line-up.

Ticket sales for IQON start this Friday January 11th at 9am (AEST) via Q-dance.com.au. For more info visit the IQON event website.

IQON 2013

Sydney International Dragway

IQON Line-Up

Headhunterz (NL)
Noisecontrollers (NL)
Zatox (IT)
Brennan Heart (NL)
Frontliner (NL)
The Prophet (NL)
Coone (BE)
Isaac (NL)
Toneshifterz (AU)
Code Black (AU)
Stana (SWE)
MC Villain (NL)


  • i_have_ADD on the 8th Jan, 2013

    great venue!

  • shane_402 on the 8th Jan, 2013

    I have IQON Hard copy tickets available now. $140 GA and $220 VIP, Comes with an IQON necklace, poster, magazine and stickers. Will post anywhere. TXT or call 0416 922 706 http://ambassadors.q-dance.com.au/profile.php?real_name=Shane%20McKenzie

  • special ed on the 8th Jan, 2013

    so its exactly the same as defqon, just with 1 stage, in a different venue? how is that a 'whole new experience'? but, it will still probably shit on any other festival in australia

  • lawlietskyy on the 8th Jan, 2013

    Oh wow a Q-Dance ambassador ! I should use a master ball because you guys are so f*cking rare right ?

  • angy on the 8th Jan, 2013

    LOL special ed, I'm sure you know a lot about hardstyle ;)

  • shane_402 on the 9th Jan, 2013

    Oh wow, Some douchebag who thinks they're hilarious, I wont even bother using a ball because i'll run into another one in a couple of steps right? Get a life idiot.

  • Technocolour on the 9th Jan, 2013

    Fun lineup, and at least there won't be any clashes since its a one stage event... Should be interesting to see what Q Dance has for us this time.

  • djpractice on the 11th Jan, 2013

    STANA <3 <3 My brother from another mother!

  • beelal22 on the 19th Mar, 2013

    @special ed lmao ..... i must have missed the memo about new experiences being solely dependant on the venue and stage. It's all about the production. Pull your finger out and stop being "that guy"

  • Djaze71 on the 26th Mar, 2013

    damn i wish i could go.